An injury to the elbow can have a terrible affect on your ability to move your arm properly, making it difficult to look after your own basic day-to-day care needs such as washing, dressing and preparing food. If you have seriously injured your elbow, you may require lots of help from family and friends, and if you are unable to work, that can have a drastic impact on your income.

Common elbow injuries

The most common injuries to the elbow include:

Common accident circumstances that may result in an elbow injury

The circumstances where this might happen include:

It can require surgery and take many months, and even years, to make a full recovery from a serious elbow injury.

Our specialist team will be able to advise you as to the merits of your claim and then instruct relevant experts to prepare reports on your injury, which will allow us to assess what your claim is worth. We can also help identify what your rehabilitation needs are to make your recovery as quick and effective as possible.

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