Cubital tunnel syndrome is a compression or irritation of the ulnar nerve which is located in a tunnel on the inside of the elbow (where the funny bone is located). The ulnar nerve provides sensation to the little finger, part of the ring finger and powers the small muscles within the hand.

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused by a narrowing of the tunnel that causes pressure upon the ulnar nerve. This narrowing can be caused as a result of an injury or as a result of repeated pressure or strain on the elbow and forearm.

Working conditions or actions that can result in an employee developing cubital tunnel syndrome or ulnar neuropathy include, but are not limited to:

  • lifting
  • working in tight places
  • digging
  • using hand saws or large power machinery
  • leaning on elbow(s) at desk or work bench
  • throwing
  • reaching and pulling
  • shovelling
  • hammering
  • operating boring and punching machines

Those working in manual roles such as carpenters, construction site workers, gardeners, glass cutters, miners, production line workers, seamstresses, painters and decorators are most at risk.

Our team of Personal Injury (PI) and Industrial Disease lawyers deal with a high number cubital tunnel syndrome and ulnar neuropathy compensation claims. If you have been diagnosed with cubital tunnel syndrome, ulnar neuropathy or another similar work related injury, such as, carpal tunnel syndrome, vibration white finger, tennis elbow or tendonitis, and consider that this condition is due to your working environment then we may be able to help you bring a claim for compensation.

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