Many people are injured every year as a result of slipping, tripping and falling. Such accidents occur in a variety of places, for example in the street, in shops, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, leisure centres and other places of business. If your fall, slip or trip was the fault of another you may be able to make a personal injury compensation claim.

Trips, slips and falls in the street tend to fall under the heading of public liability accidents and usually occur on pavements or roads for which the local town, city or county council are responsible. Councils are legally required by the Highways Act 1980 to inspect, maintain and repair their pavements and roads in an effort to keep them free from defects that may cause injury to the public.

Common circumstances leading to slips, trips and falls on pavements and roads include:

  • tripping on broken or uneven paving stones
  • tripping or falling as a result of potholes
  • tripping over raised tree roots
  • tripping or falling due to poor lighting
  • tripping or falling over broken street furniture such as signs, railings or benches
  • slipping due to ice or loose debris

Trips, slips and falls also frequently occur in other public places such as shops, shopping centres, pubs, restaurants, leisure centres and other places of business that the public has access to. The companies that own or occupy such places are not required to guarantee your safety, but must take steps to make sure that you are reasonably safe while visiting their premises. These accident types generally come under the heading of occupier’s liability accidents.

Common circumstances leading to slips, trips and falls in public places include:

  • slipping due to water or other liquids being spilt and left on the floor
  • loose, damaged or worn sections of the flooring
  • slipping on food or other debris
  • “Wet floor signs” not being displayed properly
  • tripping or falling as a result of poor lighting
  • falling down stairs that are uneven, poorly lit or have no handrail
  • falling or tripping on obstructions in aisles or walkways.

Slips, falls and trips can also happen in the workplace, which is the most common type of work accident with over 20,000 such accidents each year, caused by the negligence of the employer. These types of accidents fall under the heading of employers liability accidents.

Employers have a duty of care to their workers to ensure that the workplace is a safe environment and in particular that all floors are safe, in a good condition and free from obstructions or hazards such a spilt liquids, trailing wires and stray equipment.

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