Our Personal Injury (PI), Medical and Clinical Negligence lawyers deal with a wide range of arm injury compensation claims in respect of both the cosmetic impact and the loss of function. Unfortunately, accidents, repeated movements or surgery can lead to injuries such as: amputation, brachial plexus, fractures, scarring or lacerations.

Please review our pages in respect of shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand and finger injuries if your accident has also resulted in harm to one of these body parts.

Fractures to the forearm are a common type of injury following an accident and can occasionally result in a permanent residual disability or a change in cosmetic appearance.

Loss of an arm

A loss of an arm has a significant impact upon an individual’s life; particularly if it is in the dominant arm. The point at which the arm is amputated can also cause difficulties in the use of prosthesis since the loss of an additional joint can also limit the use of prosthesis. Amputation can occasionally result in severe organic and phantom limb pains that add greatly to the level of distress of such an accident.

Brachial plexus is an injury that falls short of amputation but is extremely serious as it can, in extreme circumstances, leave an injured individual unable to use an arm.

Compression arm injuries

In addition to the injuries outlined above our team also assist many clients in respect of compression injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome or vibration injuries such as vibration white finger (VWF) and hand arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) or repetitive strain injuries (RSI) to the arm.

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