Chronic pain syndrome (CPS) is debilitating and affects sufferers both mentally and physically.

Chronic pain compensation claims can arise as a result of a road traffic accident or workplace injury; and common chronic pain conditions include:

Specialist advice

Chronic pain syndrome compensation claims can be very difficult to present but our serious injury lawyers will work closely with rheumatologists, occupational therapists, nurses and pain management experts to help you get the help and compensation you deserve.

When assessing the impact of chronic pain upon a victim’s life for a compensation claim we will consider:

  • the degree of pain experienced
  • the overall impact and fluctuations of the symptoms on mobility, ability to function and the need for care and assistance. Symptoms can include fatigue, cognitive function impairments, muscle weakness, headaches etc.
  • the impact upon the client’s ability to work
  • medication requirements
  • whether the condition is limited to one part of the body or if it is widespread
  • the presence of any separately identifiable psychiatric disorder and the impact that this disorder can have upon the perception of the pain
  • the age of the client
  • the medical expert’s prognosis

It is well understood that those suffering with chronic pain can experience psychological symptoms and psychiatric disorders; since living with long-term pain can be very distressing and result in depression and anxiety.

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