Giving birth to a child should be a joyous and special time for families and expectant parents. However, on some occasions this is not always the case and injuries can be caused or made worse when mistakes are made during pregnancy or delivery. The types of injuries that some mothers experience after birth are:

  • vaginal tears
  • errors in suturing tears and episiotomies
  • post-partum haemorrhage
  • ruptured uterus
  • prolapse of the uterus.
  • injuries to organs caused during caesarean sections or failing to recognise and deal with the damage at the time
  • incontinence
  • problems with sexual relations
  • injuries affecting work life and balance.
  • psychological harm for example post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety

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A pregnancy / birth related negligence claim arises as a result of a medical practitioner providing a substandard level of care that has resulted in the mother being left with an injury. If you would like to discuss making a claim for compensation as a result of a pregnancy related injury please call a member of our clinical and medical negligence team on Freephone 0808 164 0808 for a FREE, no obligation chat or request a call back and we will call you.