Our Clinical and Medical Negligence lawyers specialise in birth injury compensation claims and have represented a number of families who have been sadly affected by a childbirth brain injury. If your child was brain injured in childbirth then you may be able to bring a claim for compensation for them. Call our specialist childbirth brain injury lawyers on Freephone 0808 164 0808 for a free, no-obligation chat or complete the request a call back form to start a free case assessment.

Infant brain damage can be caused in a variety of ways, including oxygen deprivation, infant jaundice, physical trauma suffered during labour and delivery, and infections in the mother’s body. The resulting damage to the baby’s brain ranges widely in severity and can lead to various disabilities and psychological issues. The consequences can be shattering for the family and their newborn baby.

Compensation claims for brain injuries normally arise due to a failure to detect the vulnerability of the baby in time or due to poor management of the birth itself. We have vast experience in this area and have dealt with very serious cases of failure to manage births in a timely manner, which has required in-depth investigations to ensure sufficient funds will always be available to meet the affected child’s complex needs in the future, including home adaptations, personal injury trusts and other life-long financial requirements.

Childbirth brain injury causes

Childbirth brain injury compensation claims commonly arise as a result of.

  • Deprivation of oxygen due to getting stuck in the birth canal during delivery (there is only a small window of time that the doctors have in order to treat the problem).
  • Failure to diagnose or treat infant jaundice in time; particularly important with premature babies – this can cause high bilirubin levels which leads to kernicterus, which is a form of brain injury.
  • Failure to detect and treat a maternal infection as soon as possible, which has resulted in infant brain damage.
  • Failure to use birth-assisting tools (forceps and vacuum extractors) correctly.

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