The number of people undergoing treatment for cosmetic dentistry has increased significantly in recent years. Some cosmetic dental treatments are more invasive than others and dentists are meant to make it clear to their patients about the precise nature of the treatment and how long the cosmetic dental treatment could last.

Our dental negligence lawyers advise upon a range of common cosmetic dental treatments including:

  • bleaching
  • bridges – including the dentist failing to advise on alternative treatments such as dentures’ damage or tooth decay to other teeth as a result of poorly fitted bridges and inappropriate appearance of the bridge
  • crowns
  • implants
  • orthodontics
  • teeth whitening
  • veneers.

Injuries caused by negligent cosmetic dentistry

The range of injuries that can be caused by negligent cosmetic dentistry can be extensive, some common injuries caused as a result of cosmetic dental negligence include:

  • unnecessary orthodontics causing damage to teeth
  • poorly fitted crowns, bridges or veneers resulting in either discomfort, decay or gum disease
  • nerve damage
  • lost tooth or teeth
  • damage or injury to the jawbone.

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