Failing to treat or diagnose gum disease is a type of dental negligence claim that has become increasingly common in recent years. Checking the health of your gums is as important as checking the health of your teeth.

Gum disease in the early stages is relatively simple to deal with. However, if it is left to develop it can turn into periodontitis or periodontal disease. Your dentist has a duty to spot these conditions and should advise you on how it should be treated. Failure to advise of gum disease that results in physical harm could result in a dental negligence compensation claim.

Checking the gums is a simple test that the Dentist should do with a small metal probe. By doing this, they can easily check for pockets in your gums, which can be a sign of gum disease. The earlier gum disease is treated, the better chance you have of avoiding serious complications, including loss of teeth.

Periodontitis or periodontal disease

Periodontitis is an extremely serious type of gum disease as it damages the tissue and bone surrounding the jawline. As a consequence the bacteria in the gums can cause the gums to recede and deteriorate.

Our dental negligence lawyers specialise in periodontal disease including recovering the costs of restoration work such as implants.

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