The public place a great deal of trust in medical professionals, and expect to receive a reasonable standard of care as a result. Sadly this is not always the case.

We believe medical professionals should be held accountable when things go wrong and patients are injured. This can only help to highlight that the same thing should not happen to somebody else in the future.

Our clinical negligence lawyers are highly experienced in helping individuals who have suffered as a result of negligence; whether caused by an NHS institution or a private hospital. We’ve worked closely with many patients who wish to bring NHS compensation claims and are dedicated to aiming for the best possible outcome.

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Claims against the NHS for negligence

NHS negligence can manifest itself in many different ways. Simply put, any individual who receives treatment under the NHS that is negligent, is eligible to claim compensation for their suffering and should expect an apology.

Below we’ve listed some common types of NHS negligence claims:

  • Claims for cancer misdiagnosis or delay in diagnosis
  • Claims for birth injuries caused to mother and/or baby
  • Claims for negligent dental treatment
  • Claims for cerebral palsy and other conditions caused by negligent treatment during pregnancy or childbirth
  • Claims for any type of surgical negligence

NHS compensation claims aren’t just related to treatment in NHS hospitals; they can also be valid if a patient has experienced negligence in a GP’s surgery, or in A&E.

GP negligence claims

Typically, GP negligence occurs when a doctor fails to refer their patient for more specialist treatment in a timely manner. Nevertheless, GPs should still be held accountable for any wrongdoing that may cause their patients unnecessary harm.

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A&E negligence claims

A&E professionals are at the forefront of NHS care, responding to urgent patient needs and quickly identifying problems and required treatment. If this goes wrong due to negligence, patients could face further danger.

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Medical negligence in private hospitals

Negligence can also occur in private medical facilities. As with NHS hospitals, GP practices and other state-funded facilities you can bring a clinical negligence claim for any medical malpractice that has affected your or a loved one.

What are the differences between private and NHS hospital negligence claims?

There are some key differences between NHS and private hospital compensation claims for negligence:

  • It may be unclear as to who is liable for the negligence – many organisations and individuals may be involved;
  • The medical professionals who treated you may not be directly employed by the hospital;
  • Informed consent can be “overlooked” more in a private setting, as there is a bigger focus on selling procedures to patients.

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