Over the last decade, advancements in medical research have vastly increased cancer survival rates and improved treatment for patients. As such the prompt diagnosis of the illness, for example bone cancer, can mean patients respond well to treatment and have better chances of recovery.

Unfortunately, bone cancer misdiagnosis and delays in diagnosis still occur.

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Can you claim?

In some instances, bone cancer patients may have experienced symptoms of the condition, but then been falsely diagnosed with something else. The signs of bone cancer can differ from patient to patient, so it’s important to seek further medical advice in this scenario. If you informed your doctor of your symptoms and they didn’t escalate your case any further, you could be eligible to claim compensation for medical negligence.

The primary treatment for bone cancer is surgery. It is also the method for performing a biopsy when first examining the tumour to determine diagnosis. Bone cancer surgery can be largely complex, and unfortunately there are cases where patients receive unsuccessful surgery, which could have been the result of medical negligence.

Every doctor has a duty of care to their patients. If it becomes evident that your doctor failed to provide you with the care needed during your bone cancer diagnosis, and failed to take appropriate action regarding your condition, then it is likely you have been a victim of medical negligence.

If you’re uncertain about your eligibility to claim, don’t worry. We know the reality of experiencing medical negligence can be difficult to come to terms with, which is why we encourage you to get in touch even if you think your case is minimal. Call us free on 0808 164 0808 or request a call back and we will call you.

Making a bone cancer misdiagnosis claim

  • Seek legal advice as soon as possible. We understand the emotional burden this may cause, especially coupled with your treatment and how the condition makes you feel. But, the sooner you seek legal advice, the sooner your case can be dealt with and your compensation awarded. You have three years to bring your claim forward following the time that you became aware of the misdiagnosis and/or negligence.
  • Once you’ve contacted our team, one of our expert oncology solicitors will be in touch to discuss your situation. This process will involve obtaining your medical records and gathering the evidence needed to support your case.

Our team will be able to help you every step of the way during this process. If you’re ever unsure or feeling overwhelmed, your solicitor can provide the guidance and support you need throughout your case.

Your compensation

You will undoubtedly have questions relating to your compensation. In terms of expected amounts, we cannot give you definitive sums due to the fact that every case is different. All we can tell you is that we understand the financial implications of a delayed diagnosis or misdiagnosis, and will do our upmost to ensure you are compensated for in this regard.

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