Trusts are a very flexible tool that can be used to protect your assets in different circumstances.

When you have been awarded compensation, the last thing that you want is for your means tested benefits then to be affected. We advise on and prepare Personal Injury Trusts tailored to your particular circumstances to stop this from happening.

Your damages award may be such that you require Inheritance Tax planning advice and here trusts, again, provide a very resilient tool both to mitigate tax but also to reflect complex family dynamics.

If the compensation that has been awarded is of a high value, or where the claimant is a child, we offer a Professional Trustee Service to ensure that the award is managed safely and that it is protected. We manage trusts for children who have suffered an injury at birth, or through later medical or dental procedures, through to those who have experienced other life-changing injuries; all the time working closely with families and keeping them involved in decisions. We also liaise with project managers, builders and architects, as necessary, to carry out property renovations or adaptations or to look at the purchase of alternative more suitable properties to meet clients’ needs.

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