The Health & Safety Executive (HSE) advise that the overall scale of asbestos related lung cancer has to be estimated rather than counted, but that research suggests that there are in excess of 2,000 asbestos related lung cancer deaths each year.

Asbestos is an agent known to cause lung cancer but the most common agent is tobacco smoking. Since asbestos and smoking act together to increase the risk of lung cancer it is difficult for the HSE and other organisations to provide an accurate count of the number of asbestos related lung cancers.

If lung cancer develops in the presence of asbestosis it is generally understood that the cause of the lung cancer was as a result of previous exposure to asbestos. Lung cancer as a result of exposure to asbestos can take in the region of 20 years or more before the cancer develops.

Duty of care

In order to bring an asbestos related lung cancer compensation claim it is necessary to establish that an individual’s exposure to asbestos was caused by the fault of another; be that an employer, a public organisation, a nearby factory or as a result of exposure in the home due to asbestos fibres being transported on another’s work clothes. Historically, many employers did not take adequate steps to warn or protect individuals against the risks of exposure to asbestos and as a consequence many have been harmed unnecessarily.

What if the business responsible is no longer trading?

Our team of Industrial Disease lawyers have represented many individuals where the business responsible for the asbestos exposure is no longer trading. Our solicitors will look to trace the insurance in place at the time of exposure, restore the company and make a claim for compensation.

Time limit to make a compensation claim

It is important to note that an individual has three years from the date of knowledge that the asbestosis or asbestos related lung cancer was caused by the fault of another to bring a claim for compensation.

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