Bursitis is an inflammation and swelling of a bursa. Bursa’s are fluid-filled sacs that form under the skin, usually over one of the body parts listed below:

Inflammation and swelling of a bursa can occur through injury or repetitive movement. Occupations that involve a considerable amount of kneeling or crawling can have an increased risk of bursitis if appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) or safe working practices are not in place to reduce the risk of harm to the individual. In addition occupations where arms work above the shoulder level can also give risk to shoulder bursitis.

Occupations at high risk of bursitis

Occupations most at risk include:

  • caretakers
  • carpet fitters and floor layers
  • cleaners
  • housekeepers
  • gardeners / landscapers
  • IT technicians
  • labourers
  • mechanics
  • miners
  • telecommunication engineers
  • tile setters

Whilst bursitis can generally be treated, the condition can occasionally restrict an individual’s employment.

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