Our team of defective product compensation claims lawyers represent both individuals and large groups of people in bringing compensation claims for injuries or illnesses caused by defective products.

As consumers we expect the products that we buy and use to be in a safe condition. However, this is not always the case and occasionally the products can be defective and cause harm.

What is defined as a product?

The definition of a product is very wide and it essentially includes most items that we use. Recent defective product compensation claims include:

  • defective child seats
  • exploding E-cigarettes
  • contaminated food
  • defective furniture and/or upholstery
  • dangerous toys – such as exploding hover boards
  • faulty cars
  • defective medical products

Time limit to make a claim

It is important to note that there are strict time limits within which you should begin a legal action for personal injury caused by a defective product. Generally, you have three years from the date of damage or injury, although there are a few exceptions, which our legal team will be able to advise you upon. There is a ‘longstop’ period which suggests that a claim cannot be made more than ten years after the product was put into circulation.

Faulty Consumer Goods Compensation (Product Liability) FAQs

I didn’t buy the product that caused me harm, can I still claim?

You can make a claim for compensation, whether you bought the product, borrowed it or used it, for example, at work.

What is a group action and what are the benefits of a group action product liability claim?

A group litigation order permits a number of claims which give rise to common or related issues (of fact or law) to be managed collectively. The benefits of a group action are that the costs liability is spread across a number of different Claimants; information and documentation can be shared; claims are progressed consistently; and normally a number of test cases will be heard to determine the outcome of the group of cases.

What types of losses can I claim for in a defective product compensation claim?

Under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA), damage includes death or personal injury or loss of, or damage to, property for private use and consumption. Damages are not recoverable in respect of damage to the defective product itself.

What is a Product Liability Compensation Claim?

Where a product is defective you may be entitled to bring an action under the Consumer Protection Act or for negligence for death, personal injury and damage caused to private property.

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