Injuries to the pelvis and hip are usually caused by significant trauma, such as road traffic accidents, falls from height, cycling accidents, motorcycling accidents or being crushed by heavy objects, but even relatively minor accidents can result in injuries to the hip or pelvis for those with weaker bones.

Pelvis injuries

Because of the way the pelvis is constructed, when a fracture occurs it is common for there to be several fractures, rather than just one, and injuries to other parts of the pelvic area, such as major blood vessels, ligaments, the bladder and bowel can occur at the same time. Any injury to the pelvis can be extremely painful, and where there are multiple injuries the road to recovery can be long and complicated.

A hip injury affects the top of the thigh, and can be linked to a pelvis injury (for example where the hip socket in the pelvis is injured) or injury can occur while leaving the pelvis completely unaffected.

Common hip injuries

Common hip injuries include:

  • fracture
  • dislocation
  • hip flexor strain – a strain, tear or severing of the muscles or tendons in the hip
  • bruising or soft tissue injury
  • bursitis – inflammation of the bursa sacs in the hip, which can be caused by trauma

Affect of a hip or pelvis injury

An injury to the pelvis and/or hip can have a terrible affect on your ability to walk properly, making it difficult to look after your own basic day-to-day care needs. You may also require lots of help from family and friends, and if you are unable to work, that can have a drastic impact on your income.

It can require surgery and take many months, and even years, to make a full recovery from a serious hip or pelvis injury.

Specialist legal advice

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