Toe injuries are extremely common and can be caused by a slip or a trip, during the course of your employment, in a road traffic accident, in a shop if something falls and hits your toe or if you walk into an object that should not be there.

Even if you have injured your toe whilst participating in a sporting activity such as football, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. For example, if the injury was caused by an opponent’s tackle, which was reckless or done with deliberate intent, then you may be able to successfully sue your opponent’s club.

Impact of toe injury

Toes may only be small but due to their location on the body they are exposed to hazards. An injured one can affect your balance making it much harder to stay upright or change direction when running or walking and there may even be certain footwear that you can no longer wear.

Types of toe injury

There are several injuries that can occur to the toe including:

  • bruising
  • stubbing
  • sprain
  • dislocation
  • puncture
  • subungual haematoma – bleeding under the toenail
  • fractures – such as hairline and displaced
  • crushing – causing damage to the ligaments, tendons and soft tissue
  • amputation – caused by infections and gangrene

All toe injuries will cause acute pain and in some circumstances may trigger the premature onset of arthritis.

Most medical treatments for toe injuries are of a non surgical nature but may involve the wearing of a splint or plaster cast. Whatever the injury, toes can be slow to heal and will cause almost constant discomfort during the recovery period, having an impact on your ability to perform your daily activities.

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