In recent years, particularly in the field of permanent contraceptive implants and birth control medication, there have been instances where women have reported a wide variety of adverse symptoms, which subsequently have been found to be causally linked to defective products.

Common injuries as a result of defective birth contraception

In the case of contraceptive implants such symptoms have included severe back pain, prolonged menstrual periods and damaged fallopian tubes, with the risk of attachment of the device to other parts of the body thereby causing injury. In certain instances it has been possible to establish that the manufacturers concerned had carried out insufficient research and provided insufficient warnings about possible problems, so that there was an inadequate data basis for informed decisions with regard to these products. In those cases, substantial compensation has been recovered as a result.

In the case of contraceptive medication there have been many instances of inadequate supply and distribution methods, leading to the relevant medication being packaged out of order, which in turn has caused unsuitable prescription, leaving women vulnerable to pregnancy, and in many instances unwanted pregnancy has occurred. Again in certain cases it has been possible to establish negligence on the part of the manufacturer or supplier and substantial compensation awards have been claimed.

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