A common operation throughout the UK for many years has been that of hip replacement surgery.

For a variety of reasons hip replacement surgery becomes a necessary and advisable option for individuals, as a result of arthritic deterioration or other bone conditions, fractures or other trauma.

Carried out successfully and with appropriate, functioning components or prostheses, the quality of life of the individual can be vastly improved and full mobility secured for the future.

Hip replacement can take a variety of forms, for example total hip replacement, where the entire bone structure of the hip is removed and replaced with prosthetic implants, or hip resurfacing, where only part of the hip joint is replaced.

Failure rate of hip implants

In recent years, however, there has been a high failure rate of certain types of implant, usually those involving the use of ‘metal on metal’ components or prostheses, where the action of the metal components against each other has caused the release of metal ions into the bloodstream, with consequent damage to the hip joint and surrounding tissue. This has necessitated revision surgery to replace the implants. In many of these cases the manufacturer or supplier of the original implants can be liable for injuries suffered on the grounds that the implants manufactured or supplied by them were defective under the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act 1987, and substantial compensatory damages can be secured for victims as a result.

Negligence of treatment surgeon

There are also instances where the treating surgeon and NHS Trust or private healthcare provider has used the wrong components, the wrong size of components or mixture of components, or has inadequately angled the relevant components within the hip implant itself, all causing similar injuries, and there are instances where the operation overall has been performed negligently and errors in surgery have occurred such as pins being left inside the hip and negligent nerve or muscle damage. Again in all of these cases substantial compensatory damages can be secured for those who have suffered injuries in these circumstances.

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