Adam Parry

Legal Director – Personal Injury

Adam is an experienced litigator and Legal Director at Lime who advises in relation to a wide range of personal injury legal matters. He has a Law degree from the Open University and studied the Legal Practice Course part-time at the University of the West of England.

Adam’s attention to detail is highly regarded and has resulted in him gaining a respected reputation in the area of personal injury law.


Adam has a particular interest in road traffic accidents and accidents at factories and in the workplace. He has experience of representing clients who have been injured in serious accidents resulting in injuries with lifelong consequences.

Notable Cases

A case that stands out to Adam is one involving a young girl who was hit twice by a car on her way home from school. The child suffered multiple soft-tissue injuries, fractures and cosmetic injuries, which required the obtaining of medical reports from Orthopaedic, Plastic Surgery, General Surgery, and Psychiatric medical specialists. The case was complex as consideration was needed not just for the child’s current position but what future losses she was likely to have as a result of future corrective surgery, and what permanent and ongoing problems she was likely to suffer. The case settled at just under 6 figures.

Another case that settled for a 6 figure sum involved a Police Officer who was involved in a road traffic accident early in his career. The medical evidence suggested that the client would not work again and therefore a detailed analysis in relation to past and future losses, in particular, future loss of earnings was necessary.


Adam enjoys travelling, music and films when he is not settling Claimant personal injury claims.